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Sportsbook Bonuses chart updated

Three sportsbook bonus offers were revised in the sportsbook bonuses directory.

SBR lists over 50 sports betting websites who are rated C or higher in the sportsbook bonuses directory, though players are advised to stick with sportsbooks rated B+ or above for the absolute best experience with an online bookmaker.

The directory compares sportsbook bonuses by multiple categories. The categories listed include the true bonus value associated with each offer, the amount of play-through (rollover) required to fully unlock each offer, the maximum bonus cash redeemable with each offer, and the overall percentage of each bonus.

As SBR has noted in previous publications, a free play bonus is generally considered worth about half the value as a cash bonus, because the bonus amount does not get added to the player's balance. A cash bonus on the other hand functions more like a cash deposit made by the player.

SBR announced a new feature last week that shows the bonus promo codes when available through an Info () button on the bonuses page.

Finding all sportsbook bonuses
Players who are less risk-averse can find sportsbook bonuses on all 212 websites rated by SBR in the sportsbook rating guide, though the worse a rating is the more likely a player is to encounter issues. Bonuses are listed on these sportsbooks, including those ranked in the scam sportsbook blacklist, strictly for informational purposes.

Players who require assistance with an online sports betting website can submit a sportsbook complaint form.