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Thanks for your feedback! Slow-pay Complaints: 40 issues now pending

  • 40 players getting slow-paid
  • No update from (now .ag) management
  • Players urged to file a complaint with SBR

40 slow-pay complaints are now on file from (SBR rating D-) players.

Fifteen new complaints have been launched since SBR's report this Friday advising users of the growing number of complaints from unhappy players.

Management has yet to provide a clear explanation on the delays and has only noted that they would be in touch with the players to confirm a pay by date.

According to players, they have been given only generic answers which do not make clear when they will be paid.

Sportsbook Review's Natalie Rydstrom released a video on problems last Friday.

Natalie's report is embedded below:

Players who have not already done so are urged to file a sportsbook complaint.