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Thanks for your feedback! Complaints: $221,786 owed to 153 Players

  • behind on $221,786 in payouts
  • 113 New Complaints Filed in 18 Days
  • Management is blaming payment processors

Sportsbook Review has received 153 complaints from (SBR rating D-) players who are owed a total of $221,786.

The payouts date back from February 1st of this year, and all players have waited in excess of the lengthy three to five week time-frame the sportsbook customer service claims payouts are expected to take on average.

Since SBR's previous video report by Natalie Rydstrom on June 1st, 113 new complaints have been filed by outraged players.

The players are sounding off through all channels: the SBR posting forum, Twitter, as well as sportsbook complaints via e-mail.

One player has already resigned to the chance that he may never be paid, stating the following: player: “I’ve been waiting for a max payout of $2,500 since March 1st. I can’t begin to tell you what I could have done with that money if this joke of a website paid on time. I’m feeling like from the crap they keep feeding me that I am never going to see my money. Please help me.”

The feelings of desperation have set in for players that have never been in this predicament before; due to their wildly successful marketing campaigns, many new customers who are unfamiliar with the sportsbook industry do not realize that is one of the worst bookmakers in the market despite having a huge public player base. has been on the SBR scam sportsbook blacklist since 2007 after confiscating $156,000 from a player who won big betting correlated parlays. The player continues to write SBR to this day, last writing May 27th hoping for an update on his infamous case: "I've been waiting on payment of $156,000 from since September 2007," the player wrote, following the release of an SBR report of slow-pay issues.

I have been trying to withdraw 100k for 2+ years. Was tolerating their slow payouts, but now they have stopped entirely… I need this money very badly. Player Management No Help
A manager with has stated only that he would get in touch with the players, but has evidently not done so as players seek updates with SBR daily citing unhelpful and repetitive information being relayed by customer service. One player reported that he was offered a bonus to cancel his pending payout, prompting his antenna to rise and leading him to find SBR's reports.

Most of the payout complaints are cheque withdrawals capped at $2,500 per, though there are players who requested to be paid through other methods such as bank wire before being told that was no longer an option – this method would have facilitated larger withdrawals, especially from players with balances into the six figures, as the below user:

Player D. from US: "I have been trying to withdraw 100k for 2+ years. Was tolerating their slow payouts, but now they have stopped entirely. My last requested check for 2500 was on March 2nd. I have e-mailed them many times and they just keep saying please be patient. It has been about 3 months. I need this money very badly," wrote the player.

Sportsbook Review is continuing to press management for answers; there is conveniently no mention of the massive tidal wave of slow-pays on the twitter page which is updated several times per hour promoting the business. players who have not already done so are urged to file a sportsbook complaint form.