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BetUSA has added the following rule to address the lack of software control over correlated parlays. Other sister sites are encouraged to add similar language and warn players via email that this new stipulation exists.

Correlated parlay betting: The results of certain events can be considered to be correlated. For example, in college football betting on a heavy underdog (eg 35 point underdog) and the under in the game is statistically correlated. If players consistently bet correlated parlays then management reserves the right to regrade wagers. Wagers will be split so that half the stake will go on the pointspread and half on the under in the game. This rule applies from 19 October 2007. This will only apply to those regularly staking $50 or more on parlays and is intended only to limit professional bettors who consistently bet correlated parlays.
SBR Rules Monitor: BetUSA

SBR continues to discuss this matter with management with little progress. has agreed to credit players for losing correlated parlays since September 1st. This is of little consolation for most victims because only winning account holders were robbed during a time period when noticed players beating the book for large sums. Players do not have the option to recover losses from periods prior when they may have sustained a losing run. The offer by, although possibly reducing the amount stolen, further illustrates why the actions are unjust.