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The player had $6,400 voided in April of 2009. He had originally played at The player was limited and decided to check out two other brands within the same family as Sportsbetting, Win4Real and Racebook. He was successful in each account, accumulating $6,400 in profit.

Sportsbetting closed his accounts at each site, confiscating the winnings and citing house policy that outlawed players from operating more than one account in the family. The player was blindsided by the rule, and for more than three years seperated from hiswinnings.

SBR spoke at length with new ownership, who expressed disgust at some of the old management confiscations, and vowed to look through archived disputes to right the previous wrongs. 

SBR reported on August 23rd that a former player was credited $20,000 after being cheated in March of 2011 by the same rule. The player in this dispute had an unfunded account at the time that he went on a hotstreak with Win4Real. 

Players that had their winnings confiscated by the old management are advised to write to SBR at, or submit a sportsbook complaint form.

Follow on twitter. SBR has been the leading online sportsbook industry watchdog since 1999. Players in need of assistance may write to