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Thanks for your feedback! Moneybookers payout complaint


Player Comments:

That sportsbook dont wont me payout 315.88. First i was place withdravl via bank transfer, but thay was won to send tham bank statement. I was do that but now thay won statement on english. I have statemnt only on my croatia. After that i was tray do withdrav via moneybookers, but i first must deposited via moneybooker. I was do and that and now after 5 days thay dont do withdrav for christmas days (from 24 to 27 dec and from 30 dec – 4 jan). I am interesting whats holiday is from 30 dec to 4 jan ? 15 days was gone since i was place my first withdravl request via bank transfer ??? WHAT I CAN TO DO ?