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Thanks for your feedback! – $20,000 payment complaint update

profile player given conflicting information
The player tells SBR that since filing his complaint, he has still not received payment. The player was informed by customer service that an inquiry would be made to decide whether or not the payment would require cancelation.  The player has grown uneasy while being in the dark on the status of his withdrawal request. Most sportsbooks that experience problems as a result of a processor are typically unable to provide player’s with more than generic updates, causing alarms to be sounded in their heads.

While’s history is marred by being part of the Group, at this point of the dispute there is no reason to believe that the player is being intentionally delayed. player:

I am not sure I need your help at this point but wanted to run the scenario by you and solicit your advice. I made a large withdrawal request (>$20k) on January 10. According the website, the processing time for bank wires is 5-7 days. My request was still “pending” as of January 18 so I contacted them via live support and was informed that the transaction would be processed by the end of the week. Again, nothing happened so I contacted them on Friday, January 21. This time, the live chat rep told me it would be processed by Monday, January 24. Again, nothing. So I contacted them again yesterday via live chat and email. This time they didnt bother providing me with a fictional date when the withdrawal would be processed. Instead the live chat rep told me she had “passed my request to the proper department” and the cashier responded with a vague email about how they were working on it and would send my withdrawal as soon as possible.

From reading your helpful forum posting (I wish I had read them before using this book), it seems like delays in cashing out are par for the course at Domain Holding Ltd owned books. Do you think it’s best to just hang tight before initiating a formal complaint? What do you think the chances are that I get stiffed? Any advice you could give would be greatly apppreciated.


SBR readers that have recent payout feedback to submit for the group are asked to file sportsbook complaint forms, or write directly to SBR at