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Sports Betting & Handicapper Scam : SBR investigates


How the scam works: When players sign up with BetUS through the website, BetUS identifies that player as a “Chase system” referral. When that player wants to make a play released by the tout, BetUS deals a unique, higher-priced line on that game for that specific player. It is similar to a grocery store changing price tags after they find out what you were sent to purchase.

For example, on March 23, 2009, the “Chase system” told the players to bet on the Los Angeles Clippers. BetUS and most books were offering a spread of +15 for this game. Most BetUS players, including those referred to BetUS through other professional handicapper websites received the fair line of +15. Players who were referred to BetUS from the Sportsbettingchamp’s website were offered a line of +13.5.

Other recent examples of dealing inflated lines only to the tout’s subscribers include:
March 7, 2009: Golden State Warriors +6 (vs +8)
March 3, 2009: Toronto Raptors +6.5 (vs +8)
March 1, 2009: Toronto Raptors +4.5 (vs +6)
February 24, 2009: Charlotte Hornets +5.5 (vs +7)

In every case, the alternate line is only on games released by the tout, and always hurts the player following paying for the pick. The BetUs customer essentially pays much more than he or she realizes.  BetUS’s tactic of moving the line against these players means that instead of charging the normal -110 for these wagers, BetUS is effectively charging these players -140 – four times the usual bookmaker commission.

Players are advised to use caution following any tout that suggests you use a particular sportsbook. SBR has received many complaints over the years involving touts that gain the bettor’s confidence before taking part in various sportsbook scams.