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Sportradar Secures Sports Betting Partnership with TwinSpires

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Sportradar Secures Sports Betting Partnership with TwinSpires
People visit Sportradar booth at a convention (Photo by VALERY HACHE / AFP)

Swiss gambling data company, Sportradar self-described as “the leading global provider of sports data intelligence” announced Thursday that is has signed a multi-year sports betting partnership with TwinSpires, the mobile betting arm of Churchill Downs Inc. It is a move that will strengthen both companies’ standing in the exploding US legal sports betting scene.

In the mutually beneficial move, Sportradar gets to work with one of the true up-and-coming brands in the US legal sports betting industry while TwinSpires gains the experience of a data provider that has maintained an elite-calibre of service since entering the ever-growing US market.

Neale Deeley, Sportradar’s Managing Director, US Betting, said of the partnership: “Sportradar is excited to be working with TwinSpires as it continues to expand within the US sports betting market. TwinSpires has a great opportunity ahead of itself, so we look forward to joining them on this journey and helping them deliver a high-quality betting experience that customers can rely on.”

More About the Deal

The Sportradar/TwinSpires deal will immediately enhance and improve the overall betting experience of those using the TwinSpires betting apps. Sportradar brings with them nearly 20 years of experience that spans the globe, providing sports data intended to enrich the offerings of participating sportsbooks.

Sportradar currently boasts a relationship with over 1000 sports betting companies in 80+ countries along with what most feel is a best-in-class data delivery service for sportsbooks and ultimately the betting public.

Included in the deal is Sportradar’s incredible stable of pre-match betting, live betting, and content designed to better enlighten bettors and aid TwinSpires’ oddsmakers to set informed, fair and competitive odds. Top-tier data for NBA, NFL, MLB, and PGA Tour are included in the deal.

Twinspires Coup

TwinSpires may be the biggest winner in their deal with Sportradar. Parent company Churchill Downs Incorporated gains immediate legitimacy to accompany them in their ambitious growth strategy. With expanded content offerings, their unique live in-game betting experience will be enhanced and will hopefully set TwinSpires apart in the increasingly crowded legal sports betting market.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Sportradar to bring our players the most engaging sports betting products to wager on,” said Ian Williams, President of Churchill Downs Online division. “As our business continues to grow, we are making significant steps in the number of sports, leagues, and live events our players are able to access, view lines and place wagers on.”

Bill Mudd, president and chief operating officer of CDI, said in a news release at the time that the “transition to TwinSpires not only generates marketing efficiencies but also allows us to deliver a more complete overall experience to our growing online wagering customer base.”

Bounce Back for Sportradar

It has definitely been an up-and-down couple of months for Sportradar but partnering with TwinSpires shows that they aren’t about to lay down after a recent setback. That setback came in the form of their loss in a battle for exclusive distribution rights to NFL data, for which they were favored to retain, only to lose out to Genius Sports in what is reported to be a $250 million per year deal.

Sportradar has a new set of investors to take care of, however. In March, the data provider went public thanks to a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), Horizon Acquisition Corp, which raised funds for the company’s Initial Public Offering. Going public was done with the sole purpose of generating funds to expand Sportradar’s business, not to sit back and wallow about “what could have been”.

TwinSpires was already ascending up the US legal sports betting provider ladder and only gets stronger with their Sportradar partnership. Watch for Churchill Downs Incorporated to seize on the momentum and to expand rapidly into new markets during 2021, armed with a new data tool that serves to make them better.