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Sportingbet, SBG Global and more sportsbook news



Hi, this is Natalie Rydstrom with this week’s Industry News update, reporting for

SBG Global tells SBR that two payment complaints reported earlier this month have been sorted. Two players had contacted SBR stating that their withdrawals—both for $5,000—were not being processed in a timely manner. SBR considers these disputes closed. SBG Global players with payment feedback are encouraged to write to

A Bet33 player tells SBR that $1,900 has been debited from his account due to alleged past-post wagers. Past-posting is the act of placing bets AFTER a game has started. In an unusual twist, the player acknowledges past-posting on at least one occasion via telephone but argues that Bet33 debited only WINNING bets whilst the losing tickets—which were all placed in the same manner—were left settled. SBR has asked the player to provide a full list of all wagers that he believes were past-post so that it can be determined what if anything he would be entitled to. SBR advises players to play it straight and follow house rules to avoid headaches; intentionally cheating a sportsbook could very well haunt a player in the future, as industry books share information on undesirable and/or fraudulent players.

Please stay tuned to the SBR newswire for more industry updates. Now I would like to welcome lead SBR dispute analyst Justin7 to the program. Justin, what are some cases you’re presently working on?