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Scam Sportsbook: Bets4All doors still open


Bets4All History
Bets4All was first covered by SBR in October of 2004, when a report of slow-pay surfaced. SBR helped assist the player, and reported that he was paid in full after a three-month delay.

Downgrade from D to D-
On October 22nd, 2004, SBR lowered Bets4All's mark to D- after persistent reports of slow-pay. After initially addressing compalints with SBR, the Austrian based sportsbook began to withdraw itself from discussions. In May of 2005, SBR's Bill Dozer reported that Bets4All had settled the outstanding slow-pay complaints, albeit after most players had waited six months to be paid.

Later that month, Bets4All began to confiscate player's winnings and refused to explain why. Bets4All was swiftly downgraded to F after its refusal to justify the seizures. Twenty new delinquent payout complaints were reported by July of 2005. Bets4All had shifted full-throttle into being known as a deposit only sportsbook on the SBR Blacklist.

Bets4All attempts to bribe SBR for a rating increase
In August of 2005, Bets4All told SBR that they would settle the payout of the latest player to complain, on the condition that SBR gives the book a rating upgrade.

Over the course of the next few years, Bets4All players continued to report no-pay complaints. The next major Bets4All update came in February of 2010, when the sportsbook had allegedly been taken over by new management. However, Bets4All again hinted at a potential bribe to SBR, which suggested that prior management was still in control:

Bets4All: has changed its management a few weeks ago. Since then our main focus lies on restructuring and repositioning. In the course of this repositioning it is also our effort to reassess the legacy issues of the previous management best possible. Unfortunately we found some unpleasant forum postings that are in parts even damaging for our business. strives to shed those postings. What kind of compensation would be needed to have your full support on this matter?

No Bets4All players have come forward reporting payment. The most recent Bets4All item to hit the SBR mailbox came from a player stating that he had not been paid his €500 withdrawal request from November 29th.

Bets4All player:

Dear supporters. Please HELP ME! This is, in brief, my story with the bookmaker. At the end of 2010 (probably at September) I received, by e-mail, a bonus offer from bets4all; CL Champions League bonus-20% up to 50 euro. I deposited 250 euro (by my moneybookers account), got 50 euro-bonus and made bets during long time (most of them I win). At the same time I read in a sportsbetting forum about their no-paying. When I had met my bonus rollover requirements I sent them an e-mail and asked them when can I get my money, if I make my withdrawal request by Moneybookers? I have sent the attached copies of the ID they requested and made the withdrawal request by Mooneybookers on sum 500EUR. It was 29 November 2010. This sum was minused from my bets4all betting account, but still not arrived onto my moneybookers account And they don't answer on any my e-mails….