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Scam Alert on Otobet Sportsbook: Dozens of Players Owed


An Otobet Sportsbook player has added his name to the list of sports bettors who have not been paid by the blacklisted betting site.

The player reports that the online sportsbook has not honored his €270 withdrawal and that he has not been given any updates on where he stands. After reading dozens of similar complaints he decided to write in.

Unfortunately, the F rated sportsbook is no longer responding to players nor Sportsbook Review, as is customary with sportsbooks on the blacklist.

At this point players best hope is that the business will turn itself around and do the right thing: it has happened before in few instances where brands that previously defaulted on their balances experienced a resurgence through more successful sportsbooks and later repaid balances.

Otobet right now though appears to be down for the count. The online sportsbook rating guide includes ratings and data on more than 200 sports betting sites.