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Scam Alert: DailyDime added to sportsbook blacklist


DailyDime manager, John Anthony:

Right now, basically, DailyDime is on life support and I'm going down with the (expletive). We're not a large book by any stretch of the term and I myself am not a rich man like a lot of other sportsbook owners. The host wants to set up a three way call with myself, him and you and basically have me tell you that the winnings are no good since the deposit can't go through the processors (again, our processors are complete (expletive) right now so technically that's accurate). This industry is a tough industry to crack and like I said, DD is on life support, but I'm not willing to let go of it yet, nor am I comfortable just telling you your winnings are no good with us, considering the business you gave us in 2009.