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SBRtv’s online sportsbook news recap video







SBRtv industry news video transcript




Hi welcome to SBRtv, I'm Peter Loshak with with an online sportsbook industry update report for November 4th, 2011.

The SBR Poster's Poll for Top Sportsbook that ran through October is now completed and the results are in. 5Dimes (SBR rating A+) came out on top, not a huge surprise as 5Dimes serves US players, and features their famous reduced juice lines as well as a large variety of betting options, usually hung very early. Industry leader Pinnacle (SBR rating A+) came in second place, their only knock to SBR posters almost certainly being that they don't take players from the US. In third place was Heritage (SBR rating B+) which has adjusted very well to the rapid growth they experienced after taking over the US players from Bet Jamaica and The Greek when those books closed to the US market. In 4th place was professional book and industry pillar BookMaker (SBR rating A+), and in 5th place was BetIslands (SBR rating B), a relatively new, but up-and-coming book that has obviously impressed the SBR posters who have tried them out. BetIslands recently received a rating upgrade from SBR, and they now have a B rating. Their improving infrastructure, website performance, and most importantly, overall guidance by General Manager Jon Kreta have impressed SBR management. The last ratings upgrade to BetIslands was on August 5th after SBR verified that the operation is backed by established industry bookmakers. SBR will continue to evaluate customer service and payout feedback as the sportsbook grows, and players at BetIslands are encouraged to voice their opinions regarding their experiences at BetIslands at the Sportsbooks and Industry forum at

The WSEX (SBR rating D-) payouts saga continues on, as the once well-regarded book continues to struggle with years-old outstanding withdrawal requests. Right now SBR has complaints of non-payments from WSEX totalling $570,000 spread over nearly 100 players. The oldest payout request is from October of 2009. WSEX IS making small attempts to pay back certain players. SBR did get a report in early November of a player receiving a $2,000 payment that he had been waiting for since February of 2011. But the last large-scale payout on delinquent requests was a year ago, in the fall of 2010, when WSEX distributed over $100,000 to players who had pending payout requests. But there hasn't been anything significant since then, and again, the total dollar amount of the complaints SBR has on file continues to grow, and in October of 2011, surpassed half a million dollars.

Sportsbook Review handled a classic "scammers getting scammed" – style industry dispute with the sportsbook BetAtHome (SBR rating C-) recently, where BetAtHome confiscated a deposit from a player who was admittedly in clear violation of their bonus rules. The player admitted to bonus abuse by operating multiple accounts at BetAtHome in order to take advantage of BetAtHome's bonus offer that was meant to be only for players making their first deposits. Bonus abuse and multi-accounting are prevalent in the industry, forcing sportsbooks to spend a great deal of resources on fraud management. In this dispute, though the player was in clear violation of BetAtHome's rules, he did not profit from his attempts to scam the sportsbook, as his accounts were down overall to BetAtHome – so the sportsbook had questionable right to confiscate his deposit.|

Sportsbookreview received a detailed and disturbing complaint from a player at BetUS (SBR rating D+) regarding NFL second half lines. SBR moderator and dispute mediator Justin7 produced a video going over the details of this case, but the basic gist is that the player tried to bet into a listed second half NFL line at BetUs, only to get a message that the line had moved, and that if he wanted the bet, he would have to take the bet at the new line. But when the player declined the new line and went back to the wagering screen, the old line was still beings shown. The player ran through some tests of what lines Betus was appearing to offer, and what lines they were actually accepting, and concluded that Betus was actually only taking bets a half point worse on one side that what they claimed to be offering. The halftime line appeared to offer +7 and -7 on both sides, but while the player was able to bet the listed +7 side of the line, any time he tried to bet the -7 side, he was notified that the line had changed, and would have to take -7.5 if he wanted that side. This is obviously a very deceptive and dishonest practice, and anyone playing at Betus should be aware of this player's experience. For a more detailed report on this case, you can watch Justin7's video by clicking the link on the screen.

Two unrated sportsbooks that were platinum sponsors of the forum TheRX, have announced that they are insolvent and will not be paying any bettors' funds on deposit. and, two unheard of books, were introduced less than 3 months ago in August of 2011 to RXforum users by Wilheim, the head moderator at TheRX. Complaints came in to SBR about the books' operations, and 2 and a half months later, on November 1st, a SynBet company representative posted that players with funds on deposit would simply not be paid, blaming processors. Both players and SBR have attempted to contact SynBet and PulseBet by phone and live support since then, without any success, although both sportsbooks do continue to post lines each day.

And then finally,, rated C by SBR, recently distributed thousands of emails to former players of the now defunct VIP Sports. The manager at was formerly employed by VIP Sports and has an original database list of VIP customers. The original VIP went off-line without paying all players, closing its doors faster than seasonal account-holders could react to a notice to withdraw their funds. SBR has assisted some of those players in receiving payments from another start-up sportsbook with former VIP Sports personnel,, but SBR believes that a significant amount of VIP Sports players remain unpaid. SBR advises players to steer clear of any VIP associated property for the time being.

That's it for this week, we'll be back soon with more news updates.