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SBRtv’s online sportsbook news recap video






Online sportsbook video news transcript:

Hi welcome to SBRtv I'm Peter Loshak with a summary of recent news items from the newswire concerning the online sports betting industry and community.

Notorious slow-paying and D- rated has recently begun employing a new tactic to discourage players from withdrawing funds, according to complaints submitted to SBR. SBR has now gotten 3 reports of actually offering players bonuses to cancel pending payout requests. It seems like a bold tactic to overtly ask someone to cancel a withdrawal, but that's what SBR has been told has been happening. The amounts of some of the payout requests have not been relatively large. The most recent incident involved a payout request for only $1500 dollars. The bonus offers are used in tandem with slow pays and with promises that the next payout request the player makes will be given high priority. management has not yet made a statement to SBR regarding these complaints.

The sportsbook BetIslands recently introduced their new mobile betting platform to the market. Bet Islands is a US-facing book that's been drawing increasing attention and consideration from US players at SBRForum who are looking to replace high profile books that have recently closed shop or closed to the US market. Bet Islands' new mobile platform allows its full slate of wagering and is said to be compatible with all of the latest smartphones, as well as phones which can process online data. Bet Islands was recently upgraded to B- by sportsbookreview, as a result of consistent positive feedback from players on payouts, customer service, and bonuses, as well as SBR's evaluation of their financial backing.

A disturbing incident involving live betting at the australia-based sportsbook centrebet was reported to SBR. The issue was so egregious that SBR's Justin7 put out a video explaining the incident in clear detail, which you can see on the Centrebet review page at, as well as in the thread created for the video at The incident revolved around a live betting wager placed on a soccer match, where a player made a wager that centrebet accepted after the market had been suspended as a result of a goal being scored. In Justin7's video he lays out the precise timeline of the events, as well as the proof offered by the player, as well as centerbet's response. Centrebet's response was dismissive enough that it resulted in sportsbookreview downgrading centrebet from a rating of B+ all the way down to D+, a precipitous drop to say the least. In Justin7's video, he explains that centrebet's questionable behavior was on the level of actions and responses taken by D-rated books or lower, including scam books involved in outright theft. Any updates to this case and to centrebet's effort of co-operation, if there are any, will be reported on sportsbookreview .com and in the threads about the incident on the industry forum at SBR, but as of right now, centerbet should probably be avoided based on their actions and communications with SBR and the player involved.

And slow-pay sportsbook Jazz continues its struggles to pay SBR posters, who are owed a total of more than $200,000. Some players owed money have reported being gradually paid small amounts, while another who's owed 6 figures says he hasn't received anything in over six months. So Jazz seems to be at least trying to maintain a sliver of credibility, picking some players to pay something to, and the poster owed 6 figures has reported that Jazz has told him they will send him a payment this week, we'll see if that actually happens. There is a thread about current attempts by SBR posters to collect from Jazz in the sportsbooks and industry forum at SBRfourm, so check that thread if you're interested in the latest of whatever updates there may be on this matter. And that's it for this week, we'll be back soon with more news updates. If you need assistance with a sportsbook dispute, fill out a complaint form at, or email, or you can call 830 515 4122 for help. For SBRtv I'm Peter Loshak.