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SBR Poster claims Smarkets voids €33,483 in winnings

A sportsbook forum reader has shared a complaint against Smarkets (SBR rating C).

The player has claimed that €33,483 in winnings were retroactively voided by the betting exchange due to his accepting off-market positions.

The player argued that the Smarkets terms and conditions specifically say that they are not responsible for users making bad offers.

Smarkets terms and conditions: “25. You are fully responsible for the bets placed on Smarkets. Smarkets will never question you about the relevance of the bets you wish to place and will not be held responsible for mistakes that could have been made during the placing of such bets, including the stake amounts, price or side of the bet.”

SBR has asked the user to share the specific wagering tickets associated with the €33,483 in winnings.

While betting exchanges do not typically void wagers that might be slightly off-market, patterns of suspicious wagering where large sums are at risk on blatantly off-market lines from repeated accounts may be flagged as suspicious activity or possible money laundering between accounts.

SBR has shared the forum thread with Smarkets staff and asked for comment.

Smarkets players with feedback are encouraged to write to The betting exchange was added to the online sportsbooks rating guide in December of 2011.