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SBR Odds Redesign Now Live

Sportsbook Review's SBR Odds product has officially relaunched.

The beta period lasted for two and a half months and saw many new features integrated including favoriting individual games, a one-stop shopping bet card that enables users to keep track of specific games, and an entirely responsive application making for a better mobile experience across all devices.

Read below for the full list of new features, and a list of upcoming features:

Best Odds Highlighted
The best price offered on the favorite and underdog is color coded blue for each game.

Favorite Individual Games
Simply click or tap the favorite star () to the left of each game title to add to your favorites page. Track only the games that matter to you organized by today's events, upcoming events, and events that were settled in the previous week.

Bet Card
If you would like to keep your eye on a few games that you haven't pulled the trigger on quite yet, simply click on any odd and add to your Bet Card. Add as many games as you'd like (note: you must be logged in to store unlimited bet card entries). Users can change sportsbooks within the bet card and see which book has the best odd (colored blue).

Futures Odds
Browse futures during the off-season as well as during the season from the market selector window. Line history is available for futures bets allowing players to track their favorite team's movement from many months ago.

New Matchup Pages
Handicap on the go with your phone or tablet device on the upgraded, mobile-friendly matchup pages.

Line History
Access line history from the Line History link (line icon on mobile devices), as clicking the odd has been remapped to trigger the bet now screen.

Looking for a specific game or league? Type in search and find exactly what you want.

Order your Sportsbooks
A simple click/tap will allow you to set your sportsbook order.

Configuration Options

You can choose to see the grid as a compact or full view, the full box score, play-by-play, in-progress games atop the grid, opener, and consensus by default.

Set your preferred odds type format (US or Decimal), along with the sportsbook you care about seeing the opening lines for. Set the time zone you prefer, and whether the grid is sorted in order of starting time or by rotation.

Note: Your settings from the classic SBR Odds will not be switched over.

Coming Soon:
Bet Tracker (ETA Within 2 Weeks)
Keep track of all your plays and share with your buddies or social media followers. You will be able to export to Excel or print to PDF.

Horse Racing (ETA Q4 2018)
Track odds on the ponies and find relevant data for your racebook wagering needs.

Team Stats (ETA Q4 2018)
Betting statistics tied to all American Sports teams.

Webmaster Widget (ETA Q2 2019)
Embed the new responsive grids directly on your website.