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SBR interviews EasyStreet casino winner


EasyStreet believes that the player used software to automatically make his decisions in the "Jacks or Better" game. EasyStreet maintains this position despite allegedly contradictory statements from casino software creator, Digital Gaming Solutions. DGS' owner, Chris Davis, reportedly spoke with the player and personally indicated that no abnormalities were found from analyzing his game sessions.

It is unclear if EasyStreet is in possession of evidence to justify confiscating the player's winnings. Thus far they have only argued that a human could not average so many hands per hour without deviating from good to perfect strategy.

It has been noted from some readers that the popular Jacks or Better game does not require an overly mathematical mind to play perfectly. In addition, EasyStreet had the "hold winning hands" option enabled, so that if a pair of jacks or greater were dealt, those cards would automatically be held so that the player could choose to draw only the remaining cards.

The second argument raised by EasyStreet is that the player hit three royal flushes in his winning run. EasyStreet has attempted to discredit the legitimacy of the play by pointing out that the player hit three royal flushes in a small sample size. EasyStreet only quoted the amount of hands played in winning sessions, not all sessions, thus no accurate statistical analysis can be performed.

SBR's mediator Justin7 is preparing a new video review on this dispute. Justin intends to focus on the RX Forum's decision to side with their forum advertiser, EasyStreet Sportsbook. Justin's previous video on this sportsbook casino complaint can be found in this EasyStreet casino winner dispute.