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SBR Forum World Poker Cup Month One Standings

Four weeks of competition is in the books in the 2017 SBR Forum World Poker Cup.

The tournament involves a series of daily (Monday-Friday) poker tournaments where each contestant is scored based on the region that they represent, with all entries being categorized in either Team USA, Team Confederate, Team Canada, and Team World.

After four weeks of play, Team USA is resting comfortably in first place with more than a 700 point lead on the rest of the field. Team World is in second place with 2190. Teams Confedere and Canada occupy third and fourth with 1,635 and 1,605 points respectively.

Tournament games will continue through May 31 at which point the top 12 contestants from each region will play in a four-person freeze out tournament once per hour June 5 through June 8 until all contestants have played. As each tournament is played two points will be awarded for the winning region and one point for the runner-up. All contestants are playing for the following prizes.

Winning team: 12,000 betpoints each
Runner-up: 6,000 poker pts each
3rd place: 2,500 poker pts each
4th place: 800 poker pts each

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Betpoints can be used to redeem items from the SBR Loyalty Store. To read more about betpoints and how to accumulate them, visit SBR Forum.