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SBR Forum Members Discuss Bitcoin Sports Betting Tutorial

SBR Forum members are discussing the latest how to use bitcoin for sports betting video tutorial released by Sportsbook Review.

Since bitcoin has become more widespread in the betting industry there has been a contingent of bettors who have remained skeptical about using a digital currency to deposit, but the process is simpler than you might imagine.

It all starts with creating an account with a bitcoin exchange, as Sportsbook Review host Natalie Rydstrom explains in the bitcoin betting tutorial.

SBR Forum member comments to the video are shared below. To join the discusison, visit the bitcoin sports betting message board.

The Giant: "Fantastic review! To the newbies, it probably sounds complicated, but after doing it once or twice you'll wonder why you took so long to get involved."

El Nino: "Grabbed a payout from a bitcoin ATM. You can start the process from your phone or laptop before arriving at the ATM (BTM). Took about an hour to clear the network. Showed up with my confirmation code, left with cash. Easy peasy."

Profi. "It's really very useful information."