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SBR Forum Members Discuss Bitcoin Price Surge

SBR Forum members are discussing the recent surge of bitcoin past the $860 mark.

Christmas has come early for sports gamblers who were sitting on the digital currency in their online wallets as bitcoin appreciates in value with market upswings. One of the most popular online wallets for storing bitcoin is

When depositing to bitcoin accepting sportsbooks, players can either choose a sports betting site that applies deposits in bitcoin or the player's native currency such as USD, EUR, GBP, or other. When deposits are applied in bitcoin, players can similarly ride the wave of bitcoin upswings and end up cashing out far more than they deposited even if breaking even on sports bets. Conversely, if the market moves downward, the bitcoin would be worth less in dollars, hence why the risk averse opt for sportsbooks that convert BTC to fiat.

Users can filter by sportsbooks that credit deposits in BTC or convert to fiat using the online sportsbooks rating guide. Initially established in 2004 after five years of SBR evaluating sportsbooks serving the betting industry, the rating guide has been continually refined and updated to include new ways to compare sportsbooks as the industry has evolved.

Bettors who haven't yet used bitcoin for their transactions with betting sites may be interested in the below bitcoin tutorial.