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SBR Community Raises $1,660 for Angelman Charity Poker Event


Sportsbook Review thanks the 83 participants in tonight's Angelman Syndrome charity poker event.

SBR will donate $20 for each registration, a total of $1,660 to the foundation.

SBR announced that its own forum member BIGDAY has a young child with Angelman Syndrome and subsequently launched the fundraising effort.

Users who wish to donate will soon be able to renew membership statuses with $100 donations to the Cure Angelman foundation.

Sportsbook Review similarly raised $24,760 for the Make A Wish foundation and $20,786 for Doctors Without Borders.

SBR will be issuing forum community badge icons to commemorate the posters who attended.

Proof of Donation (click for full size):

Stay tuned to the Sportsbook Review newswire feed for more charitable opportunites and other community oriented news.