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SBR Advisory: Disclose Travel to Online Sportsbooks

Sportsbook Review occasionally receives complaints from bettors who have found themselves in hot water for failing to disclose travel plans to their online sportsbook.

Most often, the biggest headache comes when international travel occurs, especially if the location the player travels to is not a supported country by that online sportsbook.

Let the Sportsbook Know
SBR strongly recommends that players advise their sportsbook if they will be logging in from a remote location that is not typical of their account activity.

This ensures there will be no pesky delays come withdrawal time and will save an unnecessary conversation with the dreaded risk management department —- who can notoriously be cranky, and for good reason [dealing with angle-shooters or possible scammers all day long can be taxing].

A recent dispute surfaced where a sports bettor claimed to be located in the United States, but in fact had multiple occurrences of logging in from a Russian IP address, causing a standoff with the online sportsbook where ultimately the player's deposits were returned.

Check the small print
It is also a good idea to take a look at the terms and conditions of the sports betting site — if country XYZ are prohibited from registering accounts — and you intend to travel to said country for some length of time where you would like to log-in and place a bet, do yourself a favor and make sure this is OK, as some sportsbooks will automatically disable accounts or log-ins from unsupported countries.

What's really the big deal?
Let's assume that the country you logged in from is fully supported – there are still compliance issues to be addressed, because online sportsbooks often have Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines to satisfy, and reasonable identity checks must be carried out to establish that a sportsbook is not facilitating money laundering or ID/credit card theft. If one day Joe Blow logs in from Montreal and the next Australia, most good online sportsbooks will flag this activity, just as a bank might suspend your debit card if a purchase gets processed somewhere far off the grid from your usual activity.

How to Seek Help
If you require assistance with an online sportsbook, submit a complaint with SBR. Bon voyage!