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Thanks for your feedback! Player vs. Sportsbook: Grading Dispute & Possible Freeroll


A Sportsbook (unrated) player has submitted a wagering complaint.

The player has stated that he believes €2,000 in profits were not paid.

He placed a wager three times on the same match of Finnish soccer for €20. The online sportsbook claimed that the wager was correlated and voided the wager after it won, says the player.

The explanation provided by is as follows:

" It is not allowed to use the bonus money to place bets that covers more than two thirds (2/3) of all possible outcomes on events or games with multiple outcomes. Gaming Operator reserves the right to void any bonuses and all associated winnings thereof should such activity occur."

However, the major problem with the application of this rule is that allowed the wager to reach its normal conclusion, meaning that the player could have lost and was essentially freerolled. A freeroll implies a situation where a player cannot win but he can lose.

Sportsbook Review has followed up with to confirm the complaint.