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Questions about Bitcoin? Visit Bitcoin Sports Betting Forum

Sportsbook Review created a bitcoin sports betting forum in response to user demand for a dedicated section on the website discussing bitcoin.

Bitcoin gamblers can exchange feedback on their experiences with bitcoin sportsbooks, and newbies can ask seasoned bitcoin veterans for help wrapping their brains around BTC.

Sportsbook Review released a four part bitcoin webinar educating online sports bettors on everything they need to know to get started using bitcoin for deposits to sportsbooks.

Bitcoin Sports Betting Webinar
Episode one focused on what is bitcoin and why sports bettors should care.

Episode two covered how to buy and use bitcoin for everyday purchases, including transactions to sports betting sites.

Episode three covered how to convert bitcoin to cash, i.e. withdraw winnings from sportsbooks using bitcoin.

The final installment, episode four, covered the risks and rewards associated with using the popular digital currency.

Find Bitcoin Sportsbooks
Online sports bettors can shop for a list of bitcoin accepting sportsbooks using the sportsbook rating guide. Players can filter by betting sites which convert bitcoin to local currency, which protects gamblers from the day to day swings in bitcoin value.

More detailed information can be found at the bitcoin sportsbooks directory.

Why Some Sportsbooks Do Not Offer Bitcoin
Sportsbook Review's Natalie Rydstrom reported on why all sportsbooks do not offer bitcoin in a news video released yesterday.