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Question from SBR mailbag: “Why can’t I cancel a bonus?”


Sportsbook Review has received a question from a reader regarding online sportsbook bonuses policy.

The reader would like to know why he is unable to cancel out a cash sign up bonus credited to him by his online sportsbook after he deposited.

The player won his first bet and would like to withdraw and forgo the bonus.

The request is not uncommon. However, the reason that it is industry standard to not allow a withdrawal prior to bonus terms being fulfilled or to cancel a bonus is very simple.

Sign up and reload bonuses are offered by betting sites to entice additional action from players. If sportsbooks credited bonuses to players that in turn would cancel them every time they win their first all-in wager or series of wagers, sportsbooks would not make money.

Bonuses allow players to essentially not risk their own funds and after completion of what is called a rollover or play-through requirement, withdrawals are then possible as normal.

If players were allowed to cancel out bonuses at will, the sportsbooks would be in a position where their bottom line is negatively effected, and thus the quality of the sportsbook bonus offerings would be reduced across the board.

Original question from reader:
"Hi, love the website. I've got a question. I hit my first wager and would like to back out of using the bonus. Why won't my sportsbook let me? Appreciate your guys time."
-Andy from Philadelphia

Players with sportsbook bonus disputes or otherwise in need of SBR assistance should write to Alternatively, players can submit a sportsbook complaint with the SBR team.