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Possible Scam Sports Betting Website: Player Alert on Dobet


Sportsbook Review has attempted three times to contact sports betting website Dobet to discuss a $100 payout complaint.

A player requested the withdrawal on April 16 and has yet to be paid and has similarly been given no update from customer service.

Dobet does not have a listed phone number for customer service and has no live chat service.

The player believes he will not be paid his $100 and has no idea why.

An item of further concern, the online sportsbook (which is Euro focused) actually claims to be based in San Jose, Costa Rica, and that they are "regulated" by the Costa Rican government.

Dobet Inc
Legal Certificate number: 3-101-625059 
Registration authority: National Register (Republic of Costa Rica) 
Competent regulatory authority: Republic of Costa Rica

Costa Rica issues data processing licenses to locally incorporated companies, but does not otherwise have a body of oversight such as the UK Gambling Commission, the MGA, or similar.

Dobet also advertises that users will be given a sign-up bonus simply for registering an account.

The inability to process a $100 withdrawal, the misleading license information, and apparent lack of a customer service department is enough to make Dobet a significant risk to players bankrolls and a possible outright scam.

Dobet has been added to the SBR blacklist at the rating of D- pending the resolution of this matter, clarification on their misleading license information, and feedback from other sports bettors on if they have been paid from the betting site.

Dobet players in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint form.