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Political Betting Market: Sportsbooks adjust next US President odds

Online sportsbooks have adjusted the winner's market odds for the 2016 US Presidential election.

Sportsbooks had the most consistent movement on the price of VP Joe Biden, lowering him by approximately 40% across the board to the payoff of +2200.

Donald Trump has moved from +1500 to +1350 at online sportsbook 5Dimes. The rest of the market is either slow to move or does not agree with the movement of 5Dimes, as evidenced by sportsbook Bovada still offering Trump at +2500.

Factoring in the difference between the two sportsbooks in this example — 5Dimes offering reduced juice vigorish and Bovada offering a low rollover starting bonus (in addition to their odds on this wager paying 46% more)— it is clear that Bovada rates a win by a candidate other than Trump as extremely likely.

Hillary Clinton went from -110 to -125 at most sportsbooks. Jeb Bush's odds remain steady at +300. Marco Rubio dropped from +1000 to +850.

A list of the last week's worth of political betting market changes is embedded below.

Green signifies sportsbook odds getting shorter – in other words the chance of the candidate winning the election improving, though players will receive less return on investment (ROI), which is why looking for off-market numbers can be a fruitful strategy.

Players can line shop for the full list of Presidential Odds in the political betting directory. There are sportsbook markets on winning party, official nominee as voted by the two major parties, and the outright winner of the 2016 November election.

Candidate Current Sportsbook Odds Odds One Week Ago Change +/-
Hillary Clinton -125 -110 -12%
Jeb Bush +300 +305 -2%
Marco Rubio +850 +1000 -15%
Scott Walker +1000 +1300 -14%
Donald Trump +1350 +1500 -10%
Rand Paul +1800 +2200 -19%
Bernie Sanders +1250 +1300 4%
Elizabeth Warren +8500 +8500 0%
Ted Cruz +4000 +3800 5%
Joe Biden +2200 +3500 -28%
Martin O'Malley +6000 +7000 8%
Chris Christie +3500 +3500 0%
Michael Bloomberg +1000 +1000 0%
Mike Huckabee +600 +550 9%
Rick Perry +7500 +8000 -7%
Ben Carson +2500 +2250 10%
Bobby Jindal +1000 +950 5%