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PointsBet Introducing Parlay Booster in US Market

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Sportsbooks in the emerging US legal sports betting industry continue to go head-to-head for gambling dollars, forcing providers to get innovative with unique features to pass on to their loyal customer bases. Premier global sportsbook operator PointsBet is on the board with a first of its kind (in North America) Parlay Booster app for its US clientele.

"Our mission is to provide our clients with the ultimate sports betting experience, and we saw a gap in the U.S. market to deliver more fun and value when placing a parlay bet," said Johnny Aitken, PointsBet USA CEO. Something new and some betting value is what the company was after with the Booster – something that would aid the bettor and ultimately themselves. Perhaps more will follow their lead.

What is PointsBet's Parlay Booster?

PointsBet is giving their customers a chance to build their own personal parlay of choice every 24-hours with the company’s own proprietary, patented, in-house platform. It allows bettors to select any 3-to-12 leg parlay and receive a bonus on that singular wager. The benefit is that on that one bet, the potential winnings would be higher, the odds would be skewed toward the customer and the winnings, assuming the bettor is successful on the bet, would be greater.

The more teams played or wagered on, the bigger the potential bonus for the customer. The exact structure hasn't been released but there is a school of thought out there that a 40% gain would be the number for an eight-leg parlay and up to 50% for anything over that.

The Parlay Booster is there to be customized as the client sees fit. It is simple, it is more interactive and potentially more lucrative for those bettors skilled enough to pick multiple winners in one bet. “Initial response has been terrific,” a company spokesman said Thursday. “We are thrilled.”

Although the Parlay Booster is advertised as a once-a-day benefit, there is a way for customers to gain more additional daily Boosters. It, of course, depends on a customers' frequency of use and their overall loyalty to PointsBet and the Booster opportunity.

Other Aspects of the PointsBet app

The Parlay Booster is not the only aspect of the app that aims to serve the PointsBet customer base. Included will be an extension of BetSync which has had a significant and positive effect on how customers in Indiana deposit and withdrawal money from their PointsBet account. There are a number of other performance updates to the app that also aim to enhance the customer’s experience.

Visuals, speed, unique offerings, reliability and a better overall interactive betting experience should result from the work that PointsBet has done on their app. PointsBet Parlay Booster, Quick Parlay Builder and In-Play Parlay Builder are aimed to check all of those boxes.

Setting PointsBet apart

PointsBet has been on the cutting edge of the legal sports betting industry in the US since its inception and the Parlay Booster is just another example of their innovation. Setting yourself apart is a big part of the competitive sports betting business.

With PointsBet's PointBetting platform, with benefits as Good Karma payouts and now their one-of-a-kind Parlay Booster in North America, it shows the company's commitment to put their customers first. Customers in New Jersey, Indiana and Iowa are the only bettors in the US that currently have access to all that PointsBet has to offer but PointsBet expansion plans could make it a reality in other states soon.