PointsBet Becomes Midseason Addition for XFL


Original Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images/AFP

The XFL reaches its midseason point this weekend but that doesn’t mean that there still isn’t a lot of work left to do for players and the XFL brass. On the business side, Australian and US sportsbook operator PointsBet has announced that they have become the latest authorized gaming operator of the league, continuing a string of agreements the bet-friendly XFL has signed since its inception.

It is just the latest agreement for PointsBet who have been aggressive lately in their attempts to become a major player in the emerging US sports betting market. They join FoxBet and The Action Network as an authorized gaming operator of the league for the rest of the regular season, the playoffs and the Championship game which is slated for April 26. It’s a win for PointsBet and a win for the XFL as well.

XFL president and chief operating officer Jeffrey Pollack commented: “Embracing the spread is a core business strategy for us and our new alliance with PointsBet is the latest example of how we are engaging football fans through legal sports betting.”

What it means for PointsBet

PointsBet, first and foremost gains access to all XFL content and official league data. PointsBet's site will now include XFL odds and lines and will obviously take wagers on the sport. PointsBet will also receive the usual promotional benefits, they will be included in the weekly distribution of digital content from the XFL and they'll be able to use XFL content on at their sportsbooks in any way they see fit on any one of their online platforms.

PointsBet currently has market access in 12 states and is presently taking bets in 2 – New Jersey and Iowa with Indiana impending. Along with the agreement, those markets will get special XFL-focused promotions as PointsBet tries to gain some traction for betting on the league.

“At PointsBet, we view ourselves as an innovative tech company, first and foremost, and it’s reflective in our approach to bookmaking as well as the experiences we provide,” said PointsBet USA chief executive Johnny Aitken. “The XFL is offering fans an innovative, differentiated and highly entertaining brand of football, and we are excited to partner together throughout the rest of this historic season.”

XFL isn’t scared of partnerships

The XFL has been quick to jump on the partnership bandwagon. Fox, ABC, and ESPN have broadcasting rights and two of the biggest Fantasy Football, providers in the US have signed on with the league. iHeartRadio, sports betting network Vegas Stats & Information Network, Sportradar, Fox Bet and sports data and technology company Genius Sports were already in the XFL fold prior to the PointsBet deal.

Some see it as a risk to align with the once-defunct league but others are obviously seeing the value in partnering with a league that made it clear early on that they were all-in on sports betting.

PointsBet making a name for themselves

PointsBet has been on quite a roll lately in their attempts to become a household name in the US. New Jersey, Iowa and soon Indiana will all be PointsBet states with other jurisdictions coming online on the sportsbook's radar. Last month PointsBet became an authorized sports betting partner of the NBA and will reportedly go live in Indiana Thursday. Colorado, Illinois, and Michigan are scheduled to go live with PointsBet in the near future as well.

The sports betting gold rush in the United States shows no signs of slowing anytime soon and it looks as though the XFL may just surpass it’s one-year run back in 2001. Look for the PointsBet/XFL partnership to continue past five games and for the betting operator to continue infiltrating every corner of the US legal betting market.