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Player with BetUS bonus complaint confirms receiving payment

Sportsbook Review previously reported on a BetUS (SBR rating D+) player who filed a complaint after he had trouble redeeming a $750 balance. The player accepted a free bet mailer for $50 and believed he was in full compliance with the few terms and conditions listed. Unfortunately, the promotion had a maximum redemption of $250.

SBR later reported that BetUS reversed course and decided in the player’s favor. Ultimately, the betting site agreed with the player’s gripe that he was given inaccurate information via customer service and legitimately had reason to believe his wagers had action after passing the $250 balance mark.

The sportsbook agreed to pay the player $500 — double the maximum under house rules for the free bet promotion — and to afterward give him a chance to deposit up to $250 (less fees) in exchange for a matching bonus with rollover. Essentially, BetUS decided to pay the player double what was listed and to give him the opportunity to redeem the rest or more through offering a new bonus.

Today the player has confirmed receiving his $500 payout.

This particular dispute is now resolved.

In a separate case, where a player ran the same promotion up to more than $2,500, BetUS only agreed to pay the $250 maximum but agreed to give the player a chance to deposit his own funds and receive a matching bonus. BetUS offered to provide proof of correspondence which would indicate the player was not given misinformation as the previous user.

For its part, BetUS has agreed to include clearer language on its physical bonus mailers concerning maximum win amounts.

Sportsbook Review encourages BetUS players with grievances or positive feedback to write to SBR at, or submit a sportsbook complaint.