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Player seeks information on Dimeline Sportsbook

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A Sportsbook Review reader has written in via email requesting information on the BTG Gloval NV family of online sportsbooks. The BTG Gobal group, incorporated in Curacao, is most known for their brand Dimeline Sports (previously operated under Safari Casino Group), and maintains a lower rating for their handling of player complaints.

Dimeline has scolded players for complaining on message-boards, and admitted that players who blog negative feedback are not a priority to be paid in a timely fashion.

The latest feedback on Dimeline came on October 27 when SBR reported receiving an on-time payout of $230. The player wrote that he’s had an account with Dimeline for five years and never encountered a problem, though his average balance is likely in the “safe zone” at Dimeline, who have roughed up winning players by intentionally slow-paying and unfairly confiscating earned bonus winnings in their history.

It has not all been bad for Dimeline, though. The betting site is managed by one of the only hosts who didn’t stiff players back when Futurebet scammed players years ago; paying out of pocket to credit players despite Futurebet’s theft. Dimeline even issued a bailout to some Parlaymakers clients in March of 2011.

The BTG Global group includes Dimeline Sports,, WagerUp, SafariCasino, and

Dimeline received an upgrade from D- to D on November 4.

Players with Dimeline feedback should write to SBR at