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Player: My Sportsbook Placed Me On A Payment Plan

An SBR Forum poster has shared that his online sportsbook has placed him on a payment plan.

The player had his account closed on June 6 by the betting site and he has been forced to accept installments of his total balance; so far, the player has had to pay more than 15% in fees to receive a total of $1,600.

The player reported that he was told that other withdrawal options were denied for him because the sportsbook "won't make any money off of the withdrawal fees". The other options would allow him to receive his remaining balance more swiftly and without incurring such fees.

His next payout will not be processed for an additional 7 days.

While the player's ordeal is frustrating, it is not uncommon. Sportsbooks typically do not go the extra mile for players that they have closed out, players usually end up being gouged with withdrawal fees and lose the benefit of loyalty programs which enabled free payouts and other perks that may have been owed. Top sportsbooks often honor perks generated prior to getting the boot, but betting sites that are ranked lower in the rating guide have been known to treat sharps poorly.