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Parlaymakers players advised to request funds


Parlaymakers players have reported that their log-ins do not work, and that the reset password function does not deliver e-mails. Parlaymakers has not replied to dozens of e-mails sent by these players, and has not been available to discuss disputes with SBR, despite agreeing to binding arbitration of complaints.

Parlaymakers players who are still able to access their accounts are advised to request their funds, and to report to SBR with feedback. SBR will update this report pending any new developments.

Parlaymakers player #1:

I joined ParlayMakers because you had them rated at a C rating and said they agreed to binding arbitration. However, I have not been able to login to my ParlayMakers account for the last few weeks since they stopped using goldpay. I have sent them many e-mails to try to get this resolved but I get no reply. I do not have any phone number to contact them at. I have clicked their webpage login area where it says reset credentials so they will send me a new login password but they never send any e-mail with this information. My balance is $939.24.

Parlaymakers player #2:

I had have a balance of approximately $3300 in Parlaymakers. My balance was with the sportsbook, not GoldPay (although I have an additional $250 balance there). I wrote to their customer service about how to arrange a withdrawal, and received no reply.