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Otobet Player vs. Sportsbook: €1,260 Complaint

An Sportsbook player has filed a payout complaint with SBR.

The player registered for Otobet recently and deposited €250 via Skrill. He proceeded to work up his balance to €1,260.

He has failed the Know Your Customer (KYC) process for a reason he claims to have a simple explanation for, but the sportsbook is not having any of it.

The player claims that when he asked to be paid €1,260 he was required to submit his ID documents including his Skrill registration details.

Upon doing so, Otobet flagged him for having a different mailing address on Skrill than his Otobet account. The player claimed that his registered address with their sportsbook is where he resides now with his girlfriend.

However, Otobet voided his winning bets and will only return his initial deposit of €250.

Sportsbook Review is following up on the complaint.

SBR reported in July that an user believed he was getting freerolled by the sportsbook. This case is also outstanding.

Otobet players in need of assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.