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Online Sportsbooks & Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?


A topic at the Sportsbook Review posting forum begged the question of why all online sportsbooks are not currently using two-factor authentication (2FA) to secure betting accounts.

By requiring players to enter a unique code delivered to their mobile phone for example to log-in or even place a bet, players would be more safeguarded against an account hacking.

Sportsbook Review occasionally receives complaints from players that have said their accounts were compromised, in most cases by a roommate or someone they know, but in others the players were seemingly targeted at random. A small percentage even used the same password at multiple sportsbooks as well as email accounts.

SBR suggests that players use strong, random passwords at all websites, especially wherever funds are held. A sportsbook account should be treated with the same care as an online banking account.

While most sportsbooks do not offer 2FA across the board, a handful of the industry's top sportsbooks offer 2FA for approving payments via bitcoin. Many of the third-party software platforms serving today's sportsbooks were built many years ago and only the software companies themselves have the source code of their application, so to entirely rework the log-in system to offer 2FA would be a major undertaking, but worthwhile. Sportsbooks are just now catching up to today's tech and implementing fully responsive, mobile-friendly websites.

2FA for all account activity and configurable IP ranges allowed access, as well as eliminating the need to give your password to a worker over live chat would seem to be logical next steps for the evolution of the sports betting industry.