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Online sportsbook ZenitBet Slow Payouts: 30 Players Owed


Online sportsbook ZenitBet is struggling to pay players on time, and is part of the scam sportsbook blacklist.

More than two dozen players who have filed slow-pay complaints against the Russia based online sportsbook.

ZenitBet is behind on more than $45,000 to players.

A new complaint was received this morning from a player in the same boat.

The player detailed opening an account with the online sportsbook two years ago. The player's ID was then approved by a notary in response to a request from ZenitBet to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Unfortunately, that wasn't good enough.

ZenitBet has yet to pay the player's pending withdrawal, which was requested on the 17th of July, 2015.

Sportsbook Review recently reported on seven additional ZenitBet slow-pay complaints from players who are beginning to give up hope that they will be paid.

Online sportsbooks like ZenitBet, (SBR rating D-), and other websites that cannot pay in accordance to their advertised time-frame should be avoided at all costs.

ZenitBet management presently has no answer for the slow payouts, and has provided little meaningful information other than to state that one player was undergoing a 30 business day "trial" – suggesting that reasons not to pay the user were being looked into, even after the account verification process was completed.

Players who require assistance with ZenitBet are urged to submit a sportsbook complaint form.