Online Gambling Providers Proving What We Already Knew

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Original photo by Paul Ellis/AFP 

Lockdown and quarantine are words that NO American wants to hear but in the case of some in charge of the online gambling industry, those utterances have been a dagger. On the bright side, they may act to further prove to some present and future bet-friendly states the worth of what is the obvious future of betting business - online gambling.

It's not as if we couldn't see the mobile takeover coming. In the months prior to even hearing about coronavirus, the most successful, bet-friendly states in America were consistently gaining over 85% of their monthly handles via mobile means. The fact is - those states with a strong mobile presence still have revenue flowing in while those states with retail only have absolutely no money coming into casinos and ultimately no tax dollars buoying state and local coffers.

Mobile is the only game in town

As of yesterday, the American Gaming Association reported that 92% of all US casinos are now shut down - 910 land-based casinos (commercial and tribal) have closed their doors for an indefinite period of time. It all adds up to about 600,000 people that are now without a job and $74 billion in lost wages for those affected casino workers.

The only way to place a bet in the US for the foreseeable future in via mobile apps, leaving states like New York that have only retail options out in the cold. It's true that there isn't exactly a glut of interesting sporting events to wager on, but the big gambling providers in the industry have strong online casinos that could realistically get them through this troubling time.

Technology has made it so that online casinos offer near-authentic Vegas-style visual and auditory experiences. In fact, most online casinos offer more in terms of gaming options than their retail counterparts, without the crowds and the cost of a plane ticket to Nevada.

Players gonna play

Quarantine has left people around the world scrambling for things to do and ways to keep themselves busy for what has been deemed an indefinite period of time. While locked in their homes, seasoned bettors are still finding ways to play and some online casinos are even seeing a surge in new customers. The Golden Nugget, for instance, has recorded a 20% increase in new player sign-ups just this month, proving there is still a market for wagering during this unprecedented time.

Just like every aspect of our society, casinos are having to find ways to adapt to the downturn of everything we usually find normal. Sometimes, the change happens organically and other times casinos have to work hard to keep up their client-base. This time, it seems like the former is more accurate. “When the NBA shut down, we really saw a sharp increase since that date. We’re seeing a very strong shift to poker and online casino,” Robin Chhabra, CEO of FOX Bet, said.

Making lemonade out of lemons

The coronavirus has a chance to bring the US betting industry to its knees but those providers and states that have an online component to their wagering platform will still be able to bring in some revenues and ultimately some much-needed tax dollars for the states.

Sports betting is both a fun and interactive way to enjoy your favorite game. With sports around the globe are on hold for the foreseeable future, e-Sports and Virtual Sports are gaining in popularity for those adamant about throwing down on some sort of “athletic event”. Online casinos are busy trying their best to make up for the enormous void left by the stoppage of every major sport in North America with tournaments and other promotions to keep bettors engaged.

It’s slots, cards and betting on Futures for the time being. The only caveat – a strong online gambling presence in your state!

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