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Oddsmaker Sportsbook scam downgraded to F


Oddsmaker seizes $186,132 from twelve playersOddsmaker has stolen $186,312 in player winnings, accusing twelve unrelated players of being “professionals”. Oddsmaker defines a professional player as any bettor that wins more than loses. Oddsmaker has attempted to justify its theft on multiple occasions to both players and SBR.




Oddsmaker Sportsbook: You’ve deposited a total of $1500 with us and that will be sent back to your card
Player: what (about) the wins from betting?
Oddsmaker Sportsbook: That’s been removed. The website has proven that your a professional bettor.
Player: How in the world can you retroactively take away my money. This is insane!

Oddsmaker Sportsbook agreed to meet with SBR to discuss these disputes, where players balances are seized after doing nothing more than winning their wagers. SBR’s own “Justin7”, a mediator and writer met with Oddsmaker representatives in Las Vegas during Super Bowl weekend. Topics of discussion included possible improvements to Oddsmaker’s rules, promotions, and dispute handling. Oddsmaker verbally agreed to pay the players whose balances were confiscated due to “professional play”.

Instead of paying the players, Oddsmaker continued to confiscate balances from other players. In addition to the eight confiscations before the Super Bowl, another four players were robbed after the meeting in which Oddsmaker Sportsbook promised to pay the winners. The players were obviously frustrated.





Oddsmaker player: I have been betting on oddsmaker for about 2 years, they just closed my acct (had $8000 on it), with no opportunity to cash out. They told me I’m a “professional” bettor, which violates some rule. What does “professional” bettor even mean? Can they do this?

The amounts stolen from victims include:

$10,000 (February)
$8,000 (February)
$8,000 (February)
$2,400 (February)
$13,900 (January)
$20,000 (January)
$42,700 (January)
$7,852 (January)
$16,000 (January)
$18,600 (January)
$13,309 (January)

In addition, two other players (not included in the twelve-player list robbed of $186,132) had lesser amounts stolen in December of 2010. One player had $1241 confiscated due to arbitrage play. Another player had $2025 in winnings confiscated by Oddsmaker due to alleged rollover abuse. Oddsmaker Sportsbook accused the player of betting both sides of the same game during its no-juice promo period to clear rollover, and ignored SBR’s suggestion to simply exclude those wagers from counting toward the bonus wagering requirement.

Oddsmaker Sportsbook players face an extremely high risk of being scammed out of their winnings. Players with current balances at Oddsmaker are advised to begin slowly withdrawing their funds to avoid suspicion. SBR hopes that players with balances less than five-figures will fly under Oddsmaker’s radar and be allowed to cash out their money. Even those players with balances equaling five-figures or more are advised to request low dollar withdrawals.

While SBR makes every effort to follow up on behalf of and assist players filing sportsbook complaints, a rogue outfit like Oddsmaker refuses to honor winning player balances and will not fairly treat customers who effect the bottom line.

Oddsmaker’s relationship with FutureBet->IGS-> GameTech Solutions
Oddsmaker is FutureBet’s biggest licensee. Futurebet has rebranded itself as Gametech Solutions, after previously calling itself iGaming Software. The scam software provider has stiffed players and sportsbook operators out of millions of dollars.