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Oddsmaker, scam sportsbook persists with marketing campaigns


The scam sportsbook invests heavily in the production of betting pamphlets, coasters, and promotional fliars. One industry source with extensive past ties to Oddsmaker tells SBR that the scam sportsbook targets lower to middle class income apartment complexes. Oddsmaker then sends a wave of nondescript packages containing their free cash offers.

Oddsmaker's objective is to convert the John and Jane Doe's of the world into players by wooing them with their aggressive and unsolicited promotions. Oddsmaker successfully casts an image of itself as a financially solid sportsbook that has no problem spending money. | Oddsmaker Scam Alert




Oddsmaker Scam Alert: SBR warns players in this sportsbook news video



Oddsmaker has recently began spreading different e-mail promotions offering players incentives for signing up for the 2011 Major League Baseball season. Absent from these fliars are the scam sportsbook's history of theft, such as the outstanding $186,132 confiscated from players labeled as "professionals".

Oddsmaker downgraded to F
Oddsmaker was downgraded to F by on March 2nd. Oddsmaker occupies a seat on the SBR Sportsbook Blacklist.

Oddsmaker seizes $186,132 from twelve players
Oddsmaker Sportsbook is now openly confiscating winnings from all players that are determined to be sophisticated bettors. Oddsmaker labels the players as professionals and points to their fine-print that warns against non-recreational play. Oddsmaker's definition of non-recreational play appears to be nothing more than a bettor who wins more than he loses.

Oddsmaker met with mediator "Justin7" in Las Vegas to discuss the growing number of confiscations. The meeting took place on Super Bowl Weekend, 2011. Oddsmaker verbally agreed to pay players whose balances were erased due to alleged professional play. Instead of paying the players, Oddsmaker continued its unfair tactics, racking up another eight complaints after the meeting which Oddsmaker promised to pay the players.



Oddsmaker Sportsbook: You've deposited a total of $1500 with us and that will be sent back to your card
Player: what (about) the wins from betting?
Oddsmaker Sportsbook: That's been removed. The website has proven that your a professional bettor.
Player: How in the world can you retroactively take away my money. This is insane!

In addition to the pro-player seizures, two other Oddsmaker players had funds stolen from them in December of 2010. One player had $1,241 confiscated due to arbitrage play. The second player had $2,025 in winnings confiscated by Oddsmaker due to alleged rollover abuse. Oddsmaker accused that player of wagering both sides of the same game to clear rollover.

Oddsmaker players face an extremely high risk of being scammed out of their winnings. SBR has not received a reliable payment report from any Oddsmaker player for several months. SBR urges players to attempt to slowly begin making small withdrawals of their balances to attempt to fly under Oddsmaker's radar.

Oddsmaker's relationship with FutureBet->IGS-> GameTech Solutions
Oddsmaker is FutureBet's biggest licensee. Futurebet rebranded itself as Gametech Solutions, after previously calling itself iGaming Software. The company now operates under a new assumed name from an office in Canada. The scam software provider has stiffed players and sportsbook operators out of millions of dollars.