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Oddsmaker scam, player reports winnings theft


Oddsmaker is openly confiscating balances from players that are considered "professional bettors". Oddsmaker has not gone on the record to explain its definition of professional play. SBR can confirm that the players in each confiscation dispute are unrelated. Though the players are not guilty of multiple accounting, bonus abuse, syndicate play—or any of the other violations that sportsbooks frequently attribute account confiscations to—the players histories were all largely in the profit column.

Oddsmaker's business model caters to recreational sports bettors. Most of these players are lured in by snail mail marketing campaigns orchestrated by the sportsbook. Oddsmaker spams middle-class income apartment communities with glossy brochures, coasters, and betting guides with the Oddsmaker logo plastered across.

Oddsmaker player debt
A total of $197,132 has been confiscated by Oddsmaker this year alone. Oddsmaker is no longer willing to discuss complaints with Sportsbook Review. SBR recommends that players not allow their balances to increase beyond five-figures, and to avoid pestering the sportsbook with payout inquiries.

Oddsmaker is currently ranked with a mark of F. The scam sportsbook is featured in SBR's sportsbook blacklist.

Players in need of sportsbook assistance are asked to fill out a sportsbook complaint form.