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Oddsmaker robs player of $2,000



Oddsmaker player: At the time of the account deactivation, I had a $1,400 pending withdrawal as well as an additional $600 in the active account.

I have read other complaints about Oddsmaker taking money because of ‘professional play’ and ‘bonus abuse’. However, I didn’t see any cases like mine. I’ve only made two deposits with bonus codes, so bonus abuse couldn’t be the issue. And I have won a bit of money since joining in February (about $2,000), but to consider myself a professional is laughable. Also, I never try to bet both sides of an event or anything like that like others have.

I don’t know what to do about this issue, I’ve done nothing wrong but I can’t even get an answer from them (I’ve tried 6-7 times) as to why they’ve suspended my account.