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Oddsmaker player claims account is charged for deposit he didn’t make

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Oddsmaker player:

I noticed a $300 charge to my checking account that I did not do. I come to find out it was from which I have deposited money to in the past. I called them to inquire and and they were adamant that I deposited these funds. I did not. I have not used these funds or knew they were even in there. I said to cancel the charge and was then threatened by Tony who said he can make my life hell and that he was going open a file on me, also send people after me. In the meantime he has cancelled my account, which is fine, but he proceeded to take my $300 and and also a $50 bet I’ve had in for several months for this upcoming football season. I just want my money back from MY account. This isn’t not getting paid on winnings but money that was STOLEN from my bank account. I feel I have no recourse because of it being offshore.


Oddsmaker responds to deposit complaint:

Oddsmaker (SBR rating D-) has addressed the sportsbook deposit complaint reported by SBR on August 2nd.

Oddsmaker provided evidence that the account was accessed shortly after midnight on July 25th and that information for an e-Check deposit was submitted. The player’s name and banking information matched the details registered to his account in September of 2009. Oddsmaker does not instantly credit accounts for e-Check deposits on first-time transactions. After the security department contacted the player to confirm the transaction, an awkward exchange ensued where the player denied making the deposit and asked for his funds to be returned.

Oddsmaker will return the funds after the deposit clears.

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