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Nitrogen Sports Wagering Feedback Wanted


A Nitrogen Sports (SBR rating B) player has submitted negative feedback concerning what he describes as "habitually wrong post times".

The player has claimed that the errors have cost him time and money, with the latest example being a soccer match. He has provided an example of another Nitrogen Sports player being unable to wager on a tennis match due to the starting time being incorrect.

The Nitrogen Sports player's feedback is attached below.

Nitrogen Sports Player: "I wanted to bet on Rayo Vallecano and the start was incorrect by one hour. Thus sucks because I took my break to make time in order to place the bet. I even kept asking for the admin and received no response from him on the chat. I emailed support and they told me they're not responsible for the mistake but honestly it's habitual, let a few tennis match time error slide because it was only 15 considering other factors."

SBR discussed the case with Nitrogen Sports management. Nitrogen relies on the timestamp accuracy of a third party odds provider, and has acknowledged that the issue occurs once in a while.

SBR has asked if Nitrogen Sports has considered switching to a different provider, and encourages users who have wagering feedback to write to SBR at

Nitrogen Sports is the first bitcoin exclusive sportsbook to be added to the sportsbook rating guide. The betting site has generated positive user feedback overall and is considered one of the top bitcoin betting sites on the market today.