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Nitrogen Sports Responds to SBR Forum Concern


Nitrogen Sports (SBR rating B+) management has informed SBR that they have increased the size of their miner's tipping fee for transactions in an attempt to reduce the amount of time required for blockchain confirmations.

A user recently reported on SBR Forum that the previous fee may have contributed to payment delays.

SBR Forum member PharaohUB: "They send your withdraws [sic] with 3-5 cents fee, when the average is 15-20 cents. I've been waiting 7 hours for confirmation, and the way it's looking it might be another 24 hours. They really need to either stop being so cheap and send along withdraws [sic] with 10-15 cents, or just start charging a quarter for withdraws and post that as a fee. Nobody would complain."

On July 15 bitcoin underwent a "halving" which saw the reward for miners creating new blocks reduced by 50% from 25 BTC to 12.5 BTC. It was predicted at the time by many industry observers that transaction speed would eventually suffer with miners less incentivized for their time and computing power.