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Nitrogen Sports Player vs. Sportsbook: NHL Dispute



Update 1:45PM ET
Nitrogen Sports agreed that their rules page could be considered hard to find, and has now placed the link to their website rules at the footer of every page. The bitcoin sportsbook has credited the player who filed the below dispute approximately $100 in bitcoin in good faith, but did not re-grade the NHL prop market as the following rule was in place:

"Unless otherwise stated, all bets for hockey are for regulation time only and not include overtime or penalty shootouts. If a line includes overtime it will be clearly stated on the betslip – please check your betslip carefully. Penalty shootouts are considered part of overtime."

A Nitrogen Sports (SBR rating B) player has submitted a betting dispute involving the grading of an NHL wager. The player has claimed that he wagered an alternate total line on Friday's Philadelphia Flyers vs. Columbus Blue Jackets NHL game. His wager was over 7, the regular game total was 5.5 points. The game ended 4-3 in Overtime.

His wager was graded as a loser, not as a push as he expected.

Nitrogen Sports reportedly told the player that NHL props are regulation only. The player countered with the fact that this is not listed anywhere on the prop wagering markets page nor his bet ticket, and that because standard total goal bets include OT, he had no reason to expect otherwise when submitting his bet.

The following is a snapshot of the alternative total goals market on a different NHL game for an example:

There is no labeling of any kind which would suggest this market is regulation only. The player's gripe is a legitimate one.

It is stated (through an obscurely placed wagering rules page) that NHL props are regulation only by default, but the navigation to the rules page is less than intuitive and could be improved.

Sportsbook Review has followed up with Nitrogen Sports to discuss this dispute and will advise that the house make its market section more clear to prevent disputes. The player's wager as well as all bets on the line of 7 goals should be treated as a no-action/push.