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Nitrogen Sports Bettor Shares Feedback After Large Payout


A Nitrogen Sports (SBR rating B+) player surveyed forum posters on if they have ever experienced delays while waiting for a large bitcoin withdrawal.

The player shared that his betting account underwent a security check from Nitrogen Sports as he requested his withdrawal to a new hardware wallet payment address.

He was told that the security check process could take up to 48 hours, but he only had to wait 17 hours until the payment came through. He shared that he did not have to provide his ID to Nitrogen to receive his bitcoin.

SBR Forum poster 'raiders72001' commented: "It's rare but it does happen," regarding Nitrogen delaying a withdrawal to verify compliance. Most withdrawals are processed within 10 minutes at the sportsbook, which became known for near instant withdrawals.

Nitrogen was added to the online sportsbooks rating guide in September of 2014 and was the first bitcoin betting site to be rated by Sportsbook Review.

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