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NFL Week 12 Special NFL Picks: Total Rushing Yards Lamar Jackson & Jameis Winston Total Interceptions

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NFL Props Week 12: Action Jackson Rushing Yards & Will Winston be a Purveyor of Picks?


Total Rushing Yards Week 12 – Lamar Jackson

Over 57.5 (-130)

Under 57.5 (-110)

Lamar Jackson became the first quarterback in the Super Bowl Era to rush for at least a 100 yards in his first career start when he shredded the Bengals last week for 117 yards on 27 carries in Baltimore’s 24-21 victory over Cincinnati. The 2016 Heisman Trophy winner out of Louisville dazzled with his feet but his passing stats were not nearly as impressive, with 150 yards through the air, no passing TD’s, and one interception. But it is Jackson’s unpredictability that keeps defenses on their heels and keeps them guessing.

Jackson is not the first mobile quarterback prone to tucking it under his arm and streaking for daylight. Michael Vick also dazzled with his running ability but making a living as a quarterback in the NFL this way can have deleterious effects one one’s career. Despite the fact that the Ravens’ opponent this week happens to be the hapless Oakland Raiders, allowing a whopping 142.3 rushing yards per game (31st), the NFL odds board reveals a total in this prop that I found surprisingly low. Jackson is a young quarterback who will eventually learn to balance his attack more and run less. That said, his natural inclination is to beat feet when the pass rush gets tough and although this seems like a bit of a trap, I predict that Jackson will be end up with somewhere between 10-15 carries this week and one or even two could go long. Although there is a remote possibility Flacco could get the start, we’re certain Jackson will be under center. Let’s get high and go over.

Free NFL Pick: Over 57.5 rushing yards for Lamar Jackson in Week 12


Total Interceptions in Week 12 – Jameis Winston

Over 0.5 (-220)

Under 0.5 (+155)

Will Jameis Winston stay clean this week after tossing four picks in Week 8 against the Bengals before getting benched in favor of Ryan Fitzpatrick? Winston remained grounded until last week when Fitzpatrick was pulled and Winston was handed the reins of the offense and jumpstarted a listless Bucs’ attack which led to two touchdowns, one interception, and a rally that fell just short in Tampa Bay’s 38-35 loss to the Giants.

This week he will seize control of the offense from the get-go as he has been named the starter in Tampa’s endless round of quarterback musical chairs. The masses will be laying north of -200 in their NFL picks that Winston tosses at least one pick this week. However, upon closer inspection, we see that the defense lining up against him on Sunday is ranked 31st in interceptions, having only two picks on the season. That’s right, the San Francisco 49ers are not exactly a rabid group of ball-hawks and Winston will want to prove that he should be the man under center, uninterrupted, for the rest of the season.

As you may know, Winston has 21 million reasons to get it right and finish strong as his rookie contract has a team option in 2019 that was once a foregone conclusion but is now somewhat in doubt. We see that the oddsmakers are tempting us with a generous +155 return on our investment that Winston stays pick free on Sunday and we will gladly take it.

Free NFL Pick: Under 0.5 interceptions for Jameis Winston in Week 12