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NFL Super Bowl Betting Markets Review

Super Bowl 50 may seem ages away, but with the regular season closing in the below prices are the first chance to get some early value on numbers that will change vastly once the games begin.

One of the reasons – aside from having action throughout the year – that sports bettors like to make wagers on futures is that it gives them an opportunity to profit in many ways.

For example, let's say you wager $100 on the Baltimore Ravens to win Super Bowl at the price of 24 to 1.

If the Ravens advance to the AFC Conference final as a +300 underdog to the New England Patriots, you will probably have a line of about -425 on the Patriots, so you can wager $425 to win your $100 back, $850 to win an extra $100, and be in a position where if the Ravens win, your bet is still alive (albeit paying a little less), and if the Patriots win, you broke even or profited from your early season bet.

This example obviously still holds should a long-shot team make the Super Bowl, where you can directly and immediately guarantee you will profit on whoever wins the Super Bowl.

Listed below are each team's current sportsbook odds for winning the Super Bowl, conference, and division.

These odds are pulled from the NFL Super Bowl betting directory at Sportsbook Review. The prop list also includes possible Super Bowl match ups, and a grid style table full of the odds on each team's regular season win total.

Super Bowl Winner Betting Odds
Seattle Seahawks: +600
Green Bay Packers: +700
New England Patriots: +925
Indianapolis Colts: +1000
Denver Broncos: +1300
Dallas Cowboys: +1500
Philadelphia Eagles: +2200
Baltimore Ravens: +2400
Pittsburgh Steelers: +2900
Arizona Cardinals: +3200
Miami Dolphins: +3100
Cincinnati Bengals: +4100
NY Giants: +4500
Detroit Lions: +3900
San Diego Chargers: +3800
Buffalo Bills: +3900
Carolina Panthers: +4600
Kansas City Chiefs: +5000
New Orleans Saints: +4500
Atlanta Falcons: +4000
St. Louis Rams: +4500
Houston Texans: +3925
San Francisco 49ers: +5000
Minnesota Vikings: +6000
Chicago Bears: +5000
NY Jets: +5000
Cleveland Browns: +7500
Washington Redskins: +12500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: +10000
Oakland Raiders: +12500
Jacksonville Jaguars: +26500
Tennessee Titans: +25000

AFC Championship Winner Betting Odds
New England Patriots: +385
Denver Broncos: +520
Indianapolis Colts: +425
Pittsburgh Steelers: +1050
Baltimore Ravens: +1000
Cincinnati Bengals: +1500
San Diego Chargers: +1450
Miami Dolphins: +1350
Buffalo Bills: +1450
Houston Texans: +1700
Kansas City chiefs: +2000
Cleveland Browns: +6000
Oakland Raiders: +11000
Tennessee Titans: +10500
Jacksonville Jaguars: +10000
NY Jets: +3000

NFC Championship Winner Betting Odds
Seattle Seahawks: +275
Green Bay Packers: +360
Dallas Cowboys: +750
Philadelphia Eagles: +1080
Arizonas Cardinals: +1500
NY Giants: +1650
Detroit Lions: +1900
Atlanta Falcons: +1900
Carolina Panthers: +2000
New Orleans Saints: +2200
St. Louis Rams: +2000
San Francisco 49ers: +2200
Minnesota Vikings: +2900
Chicago Bears: +3800
Washington Redskins: +6600
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: +7000

AFC East Winner Betting Odds
New England Patriots: -150
Miami Dolphins: +330
Buffalo Bills: +425
NY Jets: +750

AFC West Winner Betting Odds
Denver Broncos: -195
Kansas City Chiefs: +380
San Diego Chargers: +500
Oakland Raiders: +1800

AFC North Winner Betting Odds
Baltimore Ravens: +145
Pittsburgh Steelers: +195
Cincinnati Bengals: +220
Cleveland Browns: +1200

AFC South Winner Betting Odds
Indianapolis Colts: -450
Houston Texans: +320
Jacksonville Jaguars: +1860
Tennessee Titans: +2888

NFC East Winner Betting Odds
Dallas Cowboys: +125
Philadelphia Eagles: +180
NY Giants: +300
Washington Redskins: +1450

NFC West Winner Betting Odds
Seattle Seahakws: -260
Arizona Cardinals: +450
St. Louis Rams: +650
San Francisco 49ers: +900

NFC North Winner Betting Odds
Green Bay Packers: -425
Detroit Lions: +520
Minnesota Vikings: +874
Chicago Bears: +1387

NFC South Winner Betting Odds
Atlana Falcons: +168
Carolina Panthers: +181
New Orleans Saints: +211
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: +971

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