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NFL Prop Betting Markets: Packers vs. Seahawks

The following are nine examples of NFL betting markets offered in the page broken down by the category of scoring props. These wagers all involve a game score update of some kind, including teams to add points first and during different intervals of the game.

Scoring Prop Wagers

Team to score first
Green Bay Packers +140
Seattle Seahawks -150
Team to score last
Green Bay Packers +115
Seattle Seahawks -130
First score a TD -170
First score not a TD
Score in first 7:30 -205
No score in first 7:30 +165
Score in first 7:00 -170
No Score in first 7:00 +140
Score in first 6:30 -145
No score in first 6:30 +115
Score in first 3:30 +300
No score in first 3:30 -420
Score in first 1:00 +1450
No score in first 1:00 -4050
3 unanswered scores -285
no 3 unanswered scores +225

In the first market — team to score first — the high side of the return on the Packers is +140. This means a $100 wager pays $140. The lower side – and with favorites the lower the less you have to risk to win a value of X or more – a $150 wager returns $100 on the Seahawks being the team to score points first. These points do not have to necessarily come from a touchdown or field goal, a safety also qualifies. Hunting for a better line is taken out of the equation by utilizing the NFL Prop Bets page.

In some cases, a given proposition bet may be unique to one sportsbook. If there is not a consensus best line, the wagering market and its current price will be listed in the proposition bet page. For example, one betting site offers odds on if there will be a score recorded in the opening minute of tonight’s game, which returns +1450 ($100 pays $1,450) on the ‘yes’ and is listed at -4050 ($4,050 pays $100) on the ‘no’.

Performance Prop Wagers

Longest Touchdown in the game
Over 44.5 -115
Under 44.5 -105

Total Touchdowns in the game
Over 5.5 +130
Under 5.5 -150

Green Bay: Total Touchdowns
Over 2.5 +120
Under 2.5 -150

Seattle: Total Touchdowns
Over 2.5 -175
Under 2.5 +145
Total QB Sacks in the game
Over 5 +100
Under 5 -105
Green Bay: Total QB Sacks
Over 2.5 +100
Under 2.5 +100

Seattle: Total QB Sacks
Over 2.5 +100
Under 2.5 +110

Team to record most 1st downs
Green Bay Packers +1.5 -115
Seattle Seahawks -1.5 -115

Longest Field Goal of the game
Over 44.5 +100
Under 44.5 -130

Similar to scoring props and much like what is required in fantasy football, team performance markets are spread by betting sites and usually offer more variety in pricing than some of the more straight-forward yes and no markets. The current line for the longest touchdown in the game is 44.5 — with the over priced at -115 ($115 wager pays $100) and the under at -105 ($105 wager pays $100). Where applicable, performance markets being traded at more than one online sportsbook have the best line labeled on the page.

Futures Betting markets

In addition to the straight-up markets, the page lists futures markets which have action for the whole season. These markets include the winner of Super Bowl XLIX, winners of each individual conference, MVP, Rookie of Year, and more. Outright markets such as Super Bowl and conference winner are fed in through dynamic widgets which update in real-time as odds are adjusted by online sportsbooks. Red signifies a change in the last 15 seconds, orange in the last 30 seconds, and yellow in the last 45 seconds.

The NFL Prop Bets directory will be updated throughout the 2014-15 NFL season.